Back in the good ole U S of A!

Posted on March 3rd, 2014 by BreAnn

That’s right, folks… after one whole year of traveling, we are back in our homeland FOR GOOD!!  Can you believe it??

I know we still have more stories we need to write about here, specifically regarding more of our adventures throughout Africa and then Iceland as well (WOW… and we have some amazing photos to share from Iceland!!), and that will come soon in future blog posts…


We flew into Milwaukee, Wisconsin late night on Wednesday (Feb 26th), which is EXACTLY one year since we left the country last year. Talk about maximizing every last minute allowed on our RTW flight ticket, hey?

How are we feeling?

Happy to be HOME. Happy to visit friends and family again. Relaxed. Excited about our adventures ahead and eventually getting settled back in Los Angeles eventually. We definitely filled our last year with many adventures and bounced around from place to place to the point where we have been feeling for awhile a HUGE need for routine again… for “normalcy”… and to have our own BED, own SHOWER, and our own fully-equipped KITCHEN (with pots and pans that food doesn’t stick to, and knives that WORK!)

What’s up next?

We are spending two weeks in Wisconsin, visiting my family and friends, then we’re off to Sacramento to visit James’ family, and then we’ll return to Los Angeles sometime in late March or early April, depending on apartment and job opportunities.

For now, we’re going to enjoy sleeping in a bit, sharing lots of hugs and smiles with loved ones, and soak up all the everyday “luxuries” that we have been used to living without for the past year.

Oh yea… and we have been reunited with my dear Sonny (dog) again, HURRAY!!!



7 responses to “Back in the good ole U S of A!”

  1. Ann says:

    Welcome home!! xoxo

  2. Trina says:

    Welcome home. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures and talking with you both about your amazing trip.

    Love Trina & Sabrina

  3. Christine Thompson says:

    Yey, welcome back!!!

  4. Yvonne Kaminski says:

    Great to meet you guys again..Thank you for posting those amazing stories…You have a great gift! Good luck in your future plans…and..welcome back!

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